“Angry people are not always wise.”

The title of my blog is “Something Sensible”, which I hope is a place that I can be honest about my life and thoughts; without a specific audience in mind. No hidden messages or innuendos. Just real life. I’m still sorting through the last four years and one day I will have some sensible thoughts on those important years but for now they are raw and at times painful to think upon.

I usually find writing an escape and I can be honest and truthful with what I’m thinking only on a blank page. Plus, I have this belief that I am more eloquent with my words when I write. Spoken words are difficult and I often am frightened to see the consequences of words. I find that I feel more inadequate when those words come spilling out of my mouth. I sincerely don’t mean to look like an idiot when I talk. I just find a safe haven with words on a page.

Fresh starts are always good.

Why the quote?? I am reminding myself that my current state of anger is not wise. Plus, what does my anger change? Nothing! Plus I’m huge fan of Jane Austin.



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