I’m new to WordPress…and I’m already a little frustrated with the limits it has to customize my blog. I was a user of blogger for years and I really enjoyed the freedom to customize as much as I wanted. I even had a music player at one point.

Here, if you want to customize you gotta show them the money. lol. Therefore, I have found a theme that is decent but isn’t really me either. Oh well, I guess it’s free and I get to write what I want.

I’ll just have to admit that I was irritated from the get go this morning. So, when a change in my work day occurred I was real happy not to have to deal with people today. I’m sure I would have been unpleasant to be around. I try not to bring the bumps of life into my work place and in all honesty it would make my job difficult…maybe impossible. So I hid all day in my office and I was really satisfied with the lonliness today. The end of the work day is near and I’m trying to gather myself.

I want to write so much but I have a block….as my son would say, “block head”.


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