Holy Cow!!!


My 15 year old son just told me he was asked to prom! I just stared at him…I’m sure my mouth hung open for an eternity. I asked, “What?!?”

Then here she comes…they just went for a run and she comes walking up to me and then she says, “Um, can ***** come to prom with me?” She smiles and I try to smile back but I’m a deer in headlights….”Uh, I have to talk to his dad about it then we will get back to ya, okay?” She smiles and says, “Ok!”

My heart just dropped….my baby is growing up and I’m not ready. I’m not ready for him to be a “man”. I mean…prom isn’t like a man thing but it is the beginning of the relationships which lead to him wanting to leave. Yeah yeah, this day was gonna come but it has arrived way too fast. So, my 15 year son will be attending prom with his 17 year old date. Time to come to terms with life as I will know it.

….maybe I can be a chaperone? hehe. 🙂


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