You Would.



You would. Too many moments when I wish YOU wanted to talk to me. I’ve had to accept many things. You. I still struggle with thoughts of you. I still have those memories creep up and catch me off guard. I usually smile and enjoy the memory. Then I feel just a tad more lonely since I know that you are no longer there and I have come to accept you never will be. I still fall asleep thinking of you and wondering if at that moment you miss me just as much. To know if you missed me and think of me as I do of you. 

The funny thing is that this is precisely what needs to happen but I fight the want for YOU. The truth, I still want you with all the things that frustrated the hell out of me. The way that you made me fall and the smirk you had because you knew it. The way you were so sure of yourself…your swag knowing I was watching. The image of you at this moment makes me smile. YOU.


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