Life and Labryinth 2

The one song I absolutely love in the movie Labyrinth is titled, “As the World Falls Down.” How ironic, huh? This past summer my kiddos wanted to watch this one too many times and so when it came to this part of the movie…it was a wake up call. I used to be so mesmerized by a power. Then I saw it…reality. Then the world fell down all around me.

There’s such a sad love
Deep in your eyes….

There’s such a fooled heart
beating so fast.
In search of new dreams
A love that will last.

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you.
Every thrill is gone.
Wasn’t too much fun at all.

Those are just a selection of words from the song. I know this is such an 80’s song but still relevant to today for me. I love that my kids love a movie I enjoyed as a kid.


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