It’s Friday and my emotions are wacked! I knew it the moment I opened my eyes this morning that it would be a bad day. There are some nights I fall asleep with some sort of sadness so then I have dreams that are odd and make that sadness turned into a sort of loneliness. I have to pay extra attention to getting dressed for work on these kinda days maybe in hopes that my appearance will help me feel better. I spend a little more time on my hair and make up as if this will mask what I feel way deep inside. Sometimes it works and then there are days like today….didn’t work.

So, me a creature of habit will dive head first into the emotion and so I go back and try to figure out what went wrong and where. Music is a way I’m able to say what I can’t seem to pull together on my own. Today, Adele says it best.

“I wish nothing but the best to you too. Don’t forget me, I beg.”-Adele


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