Always going home.

I’ve returned home…country music. This past weekend I finally got a chance to watch the CMA music festival. Heard some new artists. Hated some old ones. I thought about how much I hate the “new” style of country music and made me nostalgic to the old style of twang. Then, there’s those songs that my heart related to. Such as: Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore, Your Side of the Bed by Little Big Town, and Highway Don’t Care by Tim McGraw. Made me go back to days before marriage and kids; when my parents had country songs playing in the background. I heard the sound of metal hitting metal as my mom made her jewelry. I was always amazed at the finished product and at time wishing my fingers were big enough for that ring she just made. I’d slip in onto my finger hoping…mom would just smile as it just hung off my finger at least two sizes too big. 

These country songs…whew! Some can take you places you won’t tell anyone about. Places in your memories that you keep for yourself. Most cherished memories. So, as I sat and watched and listen this past weekend; I went to  those pages in my memory and connected. Went to the secret parts of life that only I know. Places that I can keep for myself and visit when I want. That is the best part….I can remember them when I want and think fondly of this part of my life. Just like the precious jewels my mom made….only my memories. I can always go home. That…I can keep for as long as I want. 


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