It’s Monday. The weekend flew by way too fast and I feel like I didn’t savor it properly. Now the work day is upon me and I should be ready to give wise counsel to some kids, right? When put in those terms it sounds so scary. I can’t even follow my own counsel!

Saturday, I was up early to make sure my son caught the bus to his XC meet. I had no idea what to expect in this meet since I had never been to a meet before. I had no idea where my son would rank and just maybe a part of me was a little arrogant because I know he is a good runner. I wanted to see him triumph and have something to beam about. So, we find the place out in the middle of nowhere and make it to the finish line. Then the waiting begins. We hear some cheering and then realized the girls are barely finishing up their run and the fastest time for the girls was 21:02. We wait til they announce the boys will take off in 10 minutes. They are 3 miles away so we expected a 30 minutes wait. 

Then, I hear the cheers of someone making their way in. I’m watching and waiting…then I see him. He starts to sprint to the finish line and there he is. I’m shouting up a storm of encouragement as he comes in. He came in second for his school and out of 80+ runners he was 22nd. His time for a three mile is 19:19. Pretty good for someone new to the sport. His last practice time was in the 20s so he was proud that he shaved off a minutes off his time. I look forward to the improvements he will make this season and possible a trip to state if he improves that much more. He has a couple of years to get to that point. 


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