Same Old Same Old

His answer is always, “same” to a question I feel obligated to ask. I want to ask a million questions, such as “how is it the same?” “What is the same?” “Is same good or bad?” Yet, deep down the answers would only beg for more questions and stir the curiosity within me. So, I ignore it and move along. I almost feel guilty each time…

Anyway, this in no way has anything to do with this entry but it was a thought that came to mind when I typed in the title. Just my lil’ rabbit trails. 

This afternoon, I listened to some songs on You Tube and one songs goes to the next and on I go. I found some really good songs and this one (Same Old Same Old) was one of them. I’ve always really enjoyed listening to The Civil Wars since I first heard Poison & Wine a few years ago. Today, I listened to the new album and it was great. This is one of their songs on the new album. 

I wanna leave you
I wanna lose us
I wanna give up
But I won’t

I wanna miss this
I want a heartache
I wanna run away
But I won’t

‘Cause do I love you
Oh, I do
And I’m going to ‘til I’m gone
But if you think that I can stay in this
same old, same old
Well, I don’t
I don’t

It sounds sad but I always enjoy the comfort I feel in hearing the songs that may match my current state of being. It helps me through the process of getting through something. Music is always a connector for me. It’s not sadness that I feel hearing this one. It’s feeling good about ACCEPTANCE. It’s okay to feel a certain way and be able to still move forward. It’s okay to hold something(one) close to your heart and still be able to move forward. It doesn’t diminish the importance but I’ve given myself permission. It’s just acceptance of a situation. 




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