What the heck??!!!

So, this weekend was not a relaxing weekend at all. I decided after a few years of procrastination to get my clinical license. Yeah Yeah Yeah….it’s been a long wait to get it done. So, now here comes all the anxiety that comes with a multiple choice exam that I swear is riddled with trick questions (even if an instructor says not one trick question in the exam). I think they are stretching the truth about the trap that awaits me. Okay, I have test anxiety. So, I attended this seminar to beef up my knowledge in the content areas which didn’t really get covered but what I got was the strategy on how to attack the questions and then pick the right one. Now, I know what I need to study and I have to schedule my exam and take it before December. I have a plan….

This wasn’t what this entry was about….while in the seminar on Saturday I see a lot of “old” folk outside. I mean at first there was just a few outside then all of a sudden a flood of people in their 70s. So, I’m really being a total nerd and paying close attention in my seminar then I hear this roar of chatter. They sure are loud next door. It is a loud buzz of a thousand voices mixed with laughter. I couldn’t believe how loud they were. I mean aren’t old people usually quiet? (just kidding) Their excitement was a distraction. I was curious and had to find out what all the noise was about, literally. I found out it was 50th reunion. I see why the need for all the non-stop chatter. I’m surprised that many of them attended a reunion. I have been out of high school for 20 years now and never attended a reunion…I don’t have an interest to go back. I actually work with children of prior classmates and I doubt I really want to rub elbows with those classmates again after hearing all their dirty laundry. I doubt I could really concentrate because I’d be wanting to ask them questions about this and that. I guess this is a work hazard. I’ve become a nosy person.  

It turned out to be a good weekend. I’ve gained some confidence in my knowledge and I want to tackle this exam soon. I just want to get it done. 


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