Missing pencils

This is an email I received this morning. I thought it was a polite threatening email. Found it funny

Dear Staff,

 The bin of testing pencils is missing from the back room of the library.  If you know of its whereabouts or happen to have it yourself, please return ASAP.  There will be no questions asked and no charges filed.

 Have a nice day,

School Test Coordinator

“No charges filed.” Haha. Now makes me wonder about who would take an entire bin of pencil during testing period? All these state tests mandated for high school students is serious business (actually it is so ridiculous that I’m glad those pencils are missing).

**I have no idea why this one makes me think of one of my favorite movies, Smoke Signals, and one clip in the movie about Joseph Arnold got arrested for being an Indian in the 20th century.


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