Yes, me homely

“The hall light was on as James turned his key in the lock with his left hand, Georgia’s wrap folded neatly in his right. Forty-year-old men don’t leave a light on when they go out at night, he knew. Except, of course, that he did. Always had. James could never stand to come home alone. To an empty house, An empty bed.

The wrap was still in his hand; he brought It up to his nose and took a deep sniff, felt the softness of the yarn, ran his finger over the perfect stiches. She had talent, all right. He breathed into the wrap again. It was weird, being this close to something of Georgia’s. It felt illicit, exciting, unbelievable. Arousing. Even after more than a decade, he marveled at how she still smelled the same.

Back then he hadn’t realized the challenge of clicking with a woman. Of actually liking her. That a beautiful woman can turn out to be boring, and a quirky-looking chick can keep you guessing a lot longer than you anticipated.” –Kate Jacobs

I’ve been once described as “Homely” (defined as not pretty or handsome : plain or unattractive; plain and simple in an appealing or pleasant way) once. I guess some would be offended at this statement but I took it in strides. I’ve never been one to turn heads or to capture the attention of anyone in particular so I couldn’t argue with this statement.

Current book reading has been interesting. In my last blog I also quoted a portion of the book. I believe I can be the quirky-looking chick who can keep you guessing a lot longer than you anticipated? Haha. Have a great day y’all.


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