I had an odd memory creep into my mind recently. This song…just popped into my mind one day so I decided to find it on YouTube. This song was a favorite when I was a freshman in college. I was young and naive. I loved this song way back then and would often call the local radio station to hear it. Apparently, I called in around the same time daily so I would end up talking to the same guy day after day. Our conversations went from short requests to long conversations about music. He would go back on the air (he was the DJ) during our conversations and I wondered if he would eventually be caught one day.

Anyway, these conversations eventually lead to my very first “blind date”. We went for lunch…safe time of the day for this naive freshman in college. It was nice but we didn’t connect like we thought we would. We still talked afterwards but our conversations lost that little spark. Soon, the song became very unpopular and I no longer wanted to hear it all the time. So just like the song…my daily phone calls to speak to Reuben ended as well.


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