Just a thought…the illogical

The evidence of the season change is popping up around me. Not only in the noticeable chill of the wind but in the sound of those dry leaves as they start to shed the green. I really enjoy this time of the year and look forward to the upcoming months of cold weather. I’ve noticed that I usually start to find some sense of comfort within this introverted person. I can withdrawn into the comforts of sweats and slippers; curl up with a good book and disappear. Cup of tea or coffee (if I can tolerate it) in hand. It’s this yearning to disappear that has me wrapped up in the weather.

Today, I was told I was illogical by my “supervisor” and I use that term loosely since he doesn’t really say much except to complain. Today happened to be my day and I must have had a huge bulls eye target on my back. I resisted the impulse of being disrespectful and say what I was thinking. Instead, I politely asked him to reschedule our meeting if he insisted with this tone. I believe he thinks the world should think like he does yet he wonders why he is always in a situation that everyone is “against him” and he has so much trouble with people. It’s quite funny to listen to his ranting on how other people respond to him. Comical actually.  Poor guy is all I think. It sure must be lonely to know you are right all the time and the world should march to your drummer.

Did I mention, I love cold weather????



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