First snow fall.

Did I  mention I like cold weather??!! Except when I have to endure cold while indoors!!! I need to put in a work order so that I can once again enjoy and love this weather. I’m so tempted to go and sit in my car right now. 

My office heater didn’t come on and I believe it’s an electrically issue. Not that I’m an electrician but I had to go look for that box…you know that box that holds all the thingies that you have to check to see if something was tripped. Switches! That’s what they are called. I literally laughed at myself when I typed up that line.  I found that if I turn a couple of switches on and off…the heater finally came on. GEEZ!  I’m freezing!!!!!

Yes, I love cold weather. We received our first snow fall of winter and it sure did look beautiful this morning. Enjoy your day!


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