If you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be?

I suppose I’ll deny that I don’t have any habits whatsoever…..then think about it a little bit more and realize that I have a gazillion of them! I’m a perfectionist…habit #1 that I need to get rid of. I tend to want things in it’s place and at times I wonder if this is more of a bend towards a compulsion than a habit. I like clean smooth lines in all my surroundings and if something is out of it’s place…it eats at me. I have been working on letting this go and walking away from things that I normally would get worked up over. Since having children I’ve had to push myself beyond my own hang ups so that my kids could enjoy our home. So, I can say that I can let my son drop his jacket in the middle of the hallway or I can overlook someone leaving a dirty dish on the counter instead of placing into the sink. The biggest one yet is still hard for me….evidence of that snack eaten left out on the table or counter. I can’t stand when someone leaves their trash on the table and counter. Oh yeah, in my stubbornness…I got rid of the junk drawer in hopes to make people put their stuff away and consequence is a very very messy counter top. I still close my eyes as I walk by it. 

I’m a work in progress. 


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