What inspires you?

The thing that affects me? First, it’s my faith in God. I’ve had this relationship since a young child and I still do find myself in moments of prayer and deep thought. This relationship with my God was so clear and so firm until last year. When everyone around me began to question this personal relationship and started to make judgments about it.

For once in my life I started to question myself and I started to doubt my own beliefs. I started to question God. Something I thought I’d never do; and this was brought about by those who claim to have this same type of relationship. I learned that the bite of fellow believers was vicious. They attack their own like no other could.

Yet, I’m still here intact and still have this belief that no one could take from me. I choose to believe that it depend on no one but what God has done. It is me to determine and for me to validate.


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