I had a dream.

I didn't want to kiss you goodbye that was the trouble I wanted to kiss you good night and there's a lot of difference

I’m listening to Florence and the Machine this morning. “Only if for a Night” sounds beautiful in this version (Live at the Royal Albert Hall). Love the orchestra music. The strings sound haunting yet nice. Just enjoying my thoughts.

I had a dream…

Only if for a night

And the only solution was to stand and fight,
And my body was loosened, I was set alight,
But you came over me like some holy life,
And although I was burning,
You’re the only light

Only if for a night

-Florence and the Machine

My own secret ceremonials. I had a dream. Dreams of a touch. A kiss. Dreams of a life that I should have had. Dreams of the time that belong to me; belonged to us. Time given back. Dreams of happiness. If only for a night…a night that would never end. Time stands still in those moments. A touch. A kiss. Taken. Completion.

I’d look into those beautiful eyes, eyes that burns right through me , eyes that touch me. Passion. Satisfaction. I can’t get enough of you.

Those eyes staring back at me in a child. I had a dream.


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