Listening to: Jetta “Start a Riot”

Happy Hump day people! I wanted to share a video today but all video was blocked at work. Completely sucks that even on my lunch hour I cannot access videos. The video is of a little boy trying to convince his mother  to give him a cupcake for dinner. It is the cutest video and it sure did make me laugh. Plus the little tike is super cute. Maybe later today I’ll see if I can add it so come back to check it out. 

March?? Today, I was talking to a co-worker who is on the look out for some yarn. I told her, “I have a coupon for Michael’s but you have to use it before the end of February.” She gave me this odd look and said, “Well, that would be great but it’s March.” It literally took me a few seconds to register what she meant. Then I laughed and said, “Oh!” She laughed at me. I laughed more and then smiled. I cannot believe I just did that!!!! I must want February again….

What can I say? February was a great month. 




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