I am in need of a good song. Have you ever felt like your falling into a never ending dark pit and you are trying to grasp for anything on the way down? Sheesh! Sometimes I feel this way and I can’t shake it. I feel like I’m searching for what I will never find. It’s an odd place to be and honestly all this anxiety is growing within and I’m trying with all my might to push it down. It’s the cloud of impending doom…haha.

So I went to lunch with a really good friend yesterday and I felt some relieve while in her presence. She is one person that I feel totally comfortable around. I can count two people in my life that I can feel this way with. I can be open and honest and be me in my skin…and they get me. It’s interesting to find this sense of peace in the presence of someone else. It was a good rest from that ugly feeling.

My other escape? Crocheting…yeah I know…old woman status! I guess it just keeps me busy and my mind isn’t allow to take a drive to crazy town. The summer was spent fulfilling orders of hats and baby sweaters. I’d say it’s a real unattractive therapy since it’s usually linked with some old lady with cats! I don’t own a cat. haha. I guess I am rambling now…..

Someone send me a song!!!!!!


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