I personally know someone in a real real movie! lol. Yeah, I was shocked to see a familiar face on some trailers. I think it’s cool. It’s been about 22 or 23 years since I spoke to the person but I still thought it cool. Have you ever had that one summer “thing”?

Well, this was a summer thing that was so sweet and innocent. I thought he was amazing and so out of my league so I didn’t try to make my crush known. Out of all of them girls he spoke to me and let me know how he felt for me. I was young, stupid and extremely shy. I totally felt like the ugly duckling back then. I remember being amazed at his attention and how he wanted to know so much about me. Well, he was great. I got lots of letters and pictures…he used to write me poetry. (sigh). LOL!

Yeah, back then he hated being compared to to this famous person and whenever someone made a comment such as, “Hey, you look so much like……”. He would roll his eyes and pretend he didn’t hear it. I would giggle at his reaction…well thank goodness for some damn good looks and looking like a famous person because it has landed him a movie! I don’t even know if I’ll get to see it and I’m sure he won’t remember that dorky looking girl he met many summers ago but I still think his success is nice to see. 

From digging holes out in the middle of the dessert to a lead role in a movie. Dang!  He used to love sharks back then. I remember he once told me that he liked sharks because they had to keep moving to stay alive. If they stopped swimming they would die. I guess he kept swimming and life led him to be his own person. Way to go ‘Rodeo’. 


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