Ugly truth.

There is a couple contemplating divorce. They have been separated for the last two years on and off. The court has asked them to go through a sort of mediation process. Wife left her husband and was in some sort of relationship with a man. The man’s wife is the one requesting mediation. So, husband attends since he was asked by the court to attend.  During the process of the mediation between husband, wife, the man, man’s wife, and her family the question was posed to the man, “What is the reason for your relationship with her (husband’s wife)?” The man answers, “I only used her for sex.” Wife was obviously hurt by the ugly truth. 

As a professional, all personal emotions and thoughts should go out the window and you remain neutral and impartial. Yet, this one was a difficult one to be a witness to. I saw the devastation of the wife. I had to fight to keep my own emotions out of the scenario and I had to fight that lump in my throat from surfacing. It’s hard to see someone grief the life she thought she had. To have the ugly truth be told so plainly; so bluntly put as it was. So matter of fact. 

Ugly truth can hurt. 


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