The View

I really think my son and I are too much alike. Emotional! We tend to hide it well until we reach the breaking point. The last few years have been a real growing process for us. We had a huge conflict a couple years ago and at that point I feared that our relationship would never be the same. He was an angry person. With time. We got through it and now we are closer than we have ever been.

We both have this determination to meet our goals. He is a perfectionist and wants things to go just right. I don’t think he has really failed at anything he has tried to do. It is close to that time when he needs to start completing one very important college application…one he has waited for since 7th grade! All of a sudden he is rethinking this and I don’t get it. He has kicked butt academically for years. Ensured that he did what he needed out in the community to get volunteer service. I’m not sure if it’s his fear of failure which I know too well. I definitely will pull out of a situation due to fear. I think we both need to know that the outcome is guaranteed before we take the leap of faith. I know for sure that is one of the things I struggle with.

I always want to know for sure things are going to work out. That what is going to happen is what I envision. The second I doubt the situation…I’m not gonna jump off the ledge. I’ll just stand there looking out. I really hope he doesn’t go through life like this. It is sad to see what could be while standing on the ledge


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