It has caught up with me.

That yucky sickness that the kids have been sharing has caught up with me. BLEH! I really feel horrible but we just got back from a long break. I kinda feel bad if I take some time off now. Maybe after my meeting tomorrow. Or maybe like all my life….I tough out and share with others. HAHA!

Earlier, I read a list of 68 facts about someone. It was entertaining and funny. Literally laughed on one of those facts. I’m sure it wasn’t a laughable moment at the time. It’s those kinds of blogs that I love and will return to. OH! What is up with those annoying blogs that just advertise something! I hate those. Especially when you get that notice that someone is “following” your blog and then you see who it is and then it’s like, Oh (with sad face). Then you can’t delete them or block them OR can you?


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