The rain. DOH!

It rained for two days and it was probably more moisture than we have received all year! It was so nice to have this slow drizzle the entire day. It sounded nice on the roof of my office building. However, it made me want to curl up to pull out my ipad to read instead of being a listener. I wish I had a pair of slippers for my office. lol. I seriously hate wearing socks sometimes and now that winter has arrived…I never know what shoes to wear!

So, this year at work has been a challenge for me. For the first time I supervised an intern and there are days I wanted to ask, “WHY ME” or “REALLY?” First off, I have been told that I don’t come across as friendly looking so I guess that means I have this natural mean face. Which used to bother me when I was told but over the years I would smile if I truly liked you so I won’t scare you off.  Second, I have high expectations and I guess that didn’t change for the intern I supervised. So, long story short. Me the mean looking one with high expectations did not mesh well with a very timid, quiet, and not confident intern. I think I wanted the intern to be a little more independent and have some confidence in themselves. I felt like I was about to make them cry every time I gave “constructive criticism”.

In my work you kinda have to be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and actually interact with people. She reminded me so much of “Tuesday” from the Adams family. Once, she literally stood amongst my co-workers and didn’t say a word. I didn’t introduce her to see what she would do. She just stood there while every one is busy talking and interacting. Just her eyes moved between everyone then she just left without saying a word. Then someone asked, “Who was that?” I then said, “The Intern.” They were like, “Oh”. I keep telling her she had to show more initiative and ask to observe therapy sessions.

So when mid term evaluation came she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t rate her in some areas. I hadn’t seen any skills yet at that point so I’ve been pushing her more and more. I guess I’m having a hard time understanding why she needs so much at a masters level. I told her one day that at my first masters level internship I was conducting therapy sessions alone with adults in an agency. She just gawked at me and then about 1 minute later she said, “I can’t believe they made you do that by yourself!” DOH!



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