Making me smile.

Today, I’m in office working on paperwork. AHHHHH! The dreaded paperwork. I am listening to iTunes radio “80’s Hair Metal”. Yeah, I said 80’s. I am smiling while at work so it’s working for me today. Have a good one y’all!

Guess what I did….I typed “80s” in the search box on Pinterest and OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda funny to think back. I wasn’t even in my teen years yet in the early 80s but it made an impression. Do you remember these items???


Had one of these things and thought it was the coolest thing around. I think my uncle bought me one and for some reason the only wheel I can remember is the Bambi one.


I was really into this thing. I wonder what happened to it??


Now these…..I hated these things! Made my feet sweat and then where I grew up….nothing but lots of sand/dirt so imagine that at the end of the day. YUCK! Yeah, not a pretty picture now thinking back.


Who had parachute day at school?? 🙂


I remember wanting one of these but mom said NO! I don’t think I ever got one…lol.


I saved the best for last. Funny thing…my mom wouldn’t buy me “Kissing Potion” but my parents let me have my own phone line! WHAT?!!! This is the phone I had in my bedroom. Yeah, now kids have their own phone lines in their back pockets! lol. Crazy memories.

Enjoy your day!


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