So glad it’s Friday!!! This week was a long one. First week of state testing. Chaos everywhere. Just two more to go and we should see who earned their high school diploma because they knew how to take a test. I really dislike the state rules in regards to testing and assessments. The kids have been taking assessment what seems like every two weeks. The benchmark standards are a bunch of bull crap. Most of the time maintaining these standard have left so many behind that there are just a handful of student who managed to keep up with the pace. Those who got left behind have given up. Did I mention how much I dislike…hate…these standards?

On the flip side. I finally ordered my business cards. I refused to get them when I was going through my own set of exams. I didn’t want to waste the money on my previous status so I never got them after I moved up. Now, I am at the highest level in this field so I won’t have to worry about any changes…well, unless I decided to get that one thing that I see in my future but I think it will be some time before I really start to pursue that. For now I will be content with what I’ve done.

Now, track season for my kids. I’m looking forward to see how well they do in this new sport for them. Officially spring is almost here. I am looking forward to the change in weather and seeing the sun a little bit more. It had been bleak….in all aspects but the sun always comes up.


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