To my Love

My Love,

I am crazy about you. I adore every inch of you. I adore that stubborn streak in your character. I love the smile you so often hide from me. I love the way you smell…even after you just smoked that cigarette. I love the way your lips feel when i kiss them. I love the way I feel safe in your arms. I love how you gently hold me. I love the sound of your voice and how it makes me fall for you all over again. I love how you hum when we talk.

There are so much that I completely adore about you. I know our circumstances are far from ideal and at times I know you hate me for it. I hear it in the way you talk to me. Oh, how I wish you would tell me what I mean to you. Just once I’d love to hear how you want nothing more than to hold me forever or how much you want nothing more than to wake next to me every morning. I want to hear how beautiful I am to you….to know that I matter to you.

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