My son is obstinate. I am struggling with allowing him to make some decisions on his own but it’s difficult when I don’t agree. I see so much potential in him to make it into a real good college. He has always been that kid…the one who studies until his homework is completed; even if it’s after midnight. He is very active in sports and also the clubs at school. He is currently rank 1st in his class. Looking at his transcripts he has had A’s since 7th grade.

Last night we were discussing his senior year and his classes he needs to register for. He has completed his requirements for science so he doesn’t have to take one but I recommended that he take Physics as an elective. I explained my reasoning but he said he didn’t need it. He then told me he wants to enlist in the military immediately so I asked what are you going to do in the military and he says, “Infantry.” I felt like a deflated balloon. I’m not putting down those who joined the military…but he could do so much more. I’m just really disappointed.

In the end, I kinda didn’t give him a choice and made him register for physics. He was angry with me. I’m just afraid that if he changes his mind next year he will have missed the opportunities to have what he needs to get into college. I know that he is eligible for some very big scholarships as well and he sees no need to apply for them. I told him that he won’t get those opportunities back because most of them are for the first year after high school.

The time to let go is near and it is difficult for me.


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