Steven Tyler + Country?

Did I hear that right? Apparently, I’m not as deaf as I thought I was with all this sinus congestion. Needless to say…I am hooked on this song. I played it over and over one morning until I drove my daughter crazy! I tried to find a better video for this but I guess all but this one has been blocked.

I love the line, “Tell me all your stories. Leave some open for me.”

Don’t we all want to have someone who is willing to open up and tell you their story? I do. This has been on my mind most recently. Thank you 50 Shades of Grey! Just think of the story line and this relationship. Not being able to share a life (story) with someone is painful. There is always this feeling of exclusion and not being good enough. It’s odd. It’s a feeling that I’ve struggled with for awhile now. Being kept at arms length sucks!


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