While you Loved Me

Changes. It happens. I was getting ready with the cleaning process of my office and found all my CD’s that I’ve created over the years and most of them made with a certain someone in mind. I decided to listen to them while working today and some of those songs struck a chord in my heart. Some made me smile because of all the  great memories of how I felt and continue to feel. Some made me sad because of the how apart we are now. Some made me cry because I am trying to connect with you but all I receive is silence and it hurts. Knowing that when I leave that it is final. That the process of cleaning out my office also means that I’ll be closing out that chapter in my life. That no matter how much I may want to hold onto you; I can’t make someone still love me; still want me.

So, as I listen to these songs and remember all that we have been through and knowing that it is finished. The song, “While You Loved Me” played and I made peace with letting go and not attempting to contact you anymore. That your silence is now met with my silence and I leave these last few years in my heart.


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