Well…hello there! It’s been awhile since I’ve sat and “penned ” an entry. Let’s just say that I needed some time to myself. Needed some time to examine and plan the next move. I literally fell into the egomania head first and thought the entire world should revolve around me. I was going to start a whole new blog but re-thunk the idea and decided to keep all the prior entries to see where I’ve come out of. In hopes of not slipping back into MYSELF. lol

Well, where should I begin…I have a new job! After years of my previous job I came to realize how burnt out I was. I was no longer effective in the job and it was a sad slow death. It’t okay. I’m okay. I think this transition to a whole new world has helped me get perspective. I’ve had to learn new skills and bring old ones back after some refinement. I do a lot of traveling but I have found that I do enjoy this. I enjoy getting out and seeing new places and meeting lots of new people. Overall? It has been a welcomed change.

Next, “the guy”. Wow! I was reading some of my old entries and boy! It’s pathetic! I sounded like a crazed stalker! Well, the guy is still a part of my life but I think I finally got the hint. Thank God! At least I can say thatwe are still friends. The parts about ‘how much I care’ and how I cherish our friendship is still true but I don’t have to be the center of his attention anymore. Surprise Surprise! I am still alive and didn’t die of a broken heart.

I really had to get over myself! It may take awhile to get to a place to ‘know’ I am truly okay; but I am on the way to that place. I have come to terms with this fact: I will always fight dysthymia and will learn to cope with the constant feelings of depression.


It helps not to always test people either. Not to always wait on them to pay attention to you.




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