Be grateful.

Lesson for today? Be grateful…for those in your life or those you come in contact with.

I love my job and it consists of meeting people I’d otherwise would never meet. I come into their lives to help them with their health. I ask those uncomfortable questions and help them sort out how to deal with physical and mental illness. I poke and prod around in their lives and try to help them with finding resources for housing, food, etc. Some are so happy to know that I am coming to see them; some not so much. But, there are those few that I come in and it feels like I’ve been a part of their lives for years! It’s like a reunion of our souls and I feel right at home with them. It’s a feeling that can’t be explain.

This past March, I had one such encounter with a family. First, I had to call because I couldn’t find their home. Google maps had me go in circles and come to find out that one of the roads that google maps took me to…did not exist! Eventually, they led me to their home. Two of the three welcomed me at the door. With smiles. We sat around the kitchen table and talked. As I went through all the assessments and gathered the information I needed one of the parents would chime in about something personal about their family. They made sure I was hydrated. By the time I left there was a pan full of hot muffins that were in the process of being made before my arrival. Such a sweet sweet family. As I was leaving the home I was stop and  given two muffins, a bottle of water, and a can of juice by the father of the home. He smiled and told me that he was glad that I came to see them today.

Today, I called to schedule our next visit and was saddened to find that they just buried the gentlemen that was so kind. I felt sad and it affected me a little bit more than I thought it would. It took one encounter to leave a fond memory. So, be grateful for those who come into your life because you may never see them again.

Thinking of this dear family today.


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