Tidal waves 

Whew! Just trying to sort things out before I came to write. I don’t want to be over emotional or seem crazy. It’s been a crazy time for me. Let’s just say it’s been a roller coaster and it is literally flying full speed ahead. I’m hanging on tight! 

I am being strong and not allowing my emotions and thoughts to take over. Long drives have been therapeutic but at the same time it has made me face things head on. 

Time to let things go. Time to be honest with myself. Accepting the situations as they are. It’s hard to admit that you have faults. That some just don’t like you. The most painful reality? Acceptance of not being attractive and to be okay with it. For a woman to come to see that reality is hard. Ugh!!! Now to see it plainly on a white page…it’s out there. 



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